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Everyday Creativity is an online course, coaching and community forum for people everywhere, every day who want to express their creativity through visual art practice. 


With monthly project briefs,  live webinars, weekly inspirational posts and prompts, and a dedicated ad-free community forum you’ll have all the tools you need to help you keep inspired, motivated and connected to like minded people. The course is designed to run alongside, and in the background of,  your creative practice and learning journey. So, whether you are doing other art classes or occasional workshops, just love to make art or craft at home or even if you are on a full-time art course, Everyday Creativity  can support you along the way. 

charcoal drawing of a still life that is seen in the background


  • Monthly project briefs designed to run alongside and support your practice whatever that may be. 

  • A 40 minute live session each month to introduce and discuss the project and its themes.

  • A second 60 - 90 minute live session each month to share recent work, celebrate achievements and explore what's inspiring us. Live sessions are recorded so you won't miss a thing. 

  • Inspirational post and prompts. Each week we send out inspirational posts about things that feed inspiration: art, artists, exhibitions, ideas, books, materials and techniques.

  • Community forum. An ad-free community platform where we can stay connected, support and motivate each other. Sharing our successes and reflecting on our progress and the progress of others can be a powerful source of support and inspiration.

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"Just wanted to say, thank you – I’m feeling truly inspired and have really enjoyed the research too! I’ve attached pictures of the pages from my project book so far, so you know your efforts haven’t been in vain. Wishing you a truly amazing New Year – here’s to more everyday creativity in 2024 enriching our lives!" (Everyday Creativity member)

'The teaching was excellent with plenty of individual time and opportunity to learn new skills and processes. Dan was very patient." (Art summer school participant)

"Very enjoyable learning experience."  (Online course participant)

"Though the pace and style of instruction was relaxed and informal, I feel like I gained a wealth of knowledge.

I think the practical tips were so useful, they have probably saved me 10 years of doing things the hard way!"  

(Art summer school participant)


"Outstanding – thoroughly enjoyable – it’s brilliant to be taught by someone with passion and enthusiasm for the subject!  The summer school offered a good balance of practical, theory and space and time to think and observe." (Art workshop participant)


"As well as being a great teacher he is very good company and for me got the balance between instruction, encouragement and constructive criticism just right. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to make rapid progress in drawing."  (1-1 mentoring client)


For all artists and makers at any level and situation:

  • You may enjoy going to art/craft  evening classes.

  • You may enjoy making things for the sheer joy of it.

  • You may have just begun dabbling with art or craft making.

  • You may have graduated from art school or still be studying on an art course.

  • You may have gotten out of the habit of creative art making and are looking for the inspiration to get back into the swing.

  • You may just be curious about how artists think, practice and develop ideas. 


Whether you like to paint, draw, print, sculpt or just make stuff this could be for you. There is no level of experience required, all are welcome from beginners to the more experienced  – we learn from each other.

sketchbook with pencil drawings and ink drawings of two small birds

Frequently asked questions

How do I contact you if I have questions? 

You can send any queries to us by clicking on the contact page.


What materials do I need? 

Here is a list of some basic drawing and painting materials that would be needed. 


Can I cancel at any time? 

Members on the monthly subscription plan can cancel at any time.  Members on the annual subscription plan can cancel before their next renewal. See our cancellation and refund policy in the Terms and Conditions.


Do I need to attend all live events? 

No. You can attend as many or as few as you like. You can watch the recording of any webinars that you cannot attend live. 


Can I work at my own pace? 

Yes, the course is designed to have plenty of space around the projects and tasks and to allow you to interact with the course at your own pace and to your own schedule. 


Do I need experience in art practice? 

Some experience of art practice will be beneficial but is not crucial. 


Do I need to speak or present my work in webinars? 

No. You can interact with the webinars as you choose. There will be opportunities for you to ask questions and make contributions if you choose to. You are also welcome to just sit back and watch and listen. 


Can I use my phone to access the course? 

Yes. There is a mobile app that will allow you to engage with a course forum directly on your smartphone.


What will you do with my data?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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